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017 h o g t i e

Do not be ashamed of your diversity, love it.

What make us suffer requires our love, only in this way it will stop us looking for it, Only in this way we will find peace.Destruction for changment. Melt and remodel. It begins with the destruction, the dissolution of the form of matter, to let it be free from all impurities, to reduce it to raw oil material that generated it, and then be rebuilt in another form. Inspiration given by being locked in an exasperating view of reality. Inspiration given by the attempt to flee, destroy, knock down, annihilate, and reborn in a new flesh. 

“When she’s abandoned her moral center and teachings.. When she’s cast aside her facade of propriety and lady-like demeanor.. When I have so corrupted this fragile thing and brought out a writhing, mewling, bucking, wanton whore for my enjoyment and pleasure.. Enticing from within this feral lioness.. Growling and scratching and biting.. Taking everything I dish out to her.. At that moment she is never more beautiful to me. ” - De Sade